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2017 Tax Season Resources

NEW this year:

The Vermont Department of Libraries has complied some FAQ’s for this years’ tax season.  Click the link below.

State Tax Information

The state of Vermont has opted not to provide libraries, town offices or post offices forms or booklets for Tax Season.  

This information was sent to us by the Department of Tax office:

Taxpayers may obtain the booklets, which include tax forms and instructions, in one of the following ways-

 When ordering your forms, please state-

1. Your name

2. Mailing address

3. Form number or form name

4.Daytime phone number


CAPSTONE VITA Income Tax Preparation Schedule 2018 held at the Morrisville VFW:

A FREE services for people whose income is up to $54,000.

Thursday's: Appointment Only on:

2/8/ 2/15 2/22 3/3 3/15 3/22 3/29 4/5 4/12

Saturday's: 9am-1pm Only on:

2/24 3/3 3/24 3/31 4/7

Louise Lemaire: 802-253-7789

email : [email protected]  or

Need an IRS Form, Publication, or Instruction?

Federal Tax Information

To View, Download & Print:

Visit the IRS website at 

  • Select the forms you need and print

Order Tax Forms:

To order tax products to be delivered by postal service visit the IRS website at

Telephone Orders:


      Individual: 1-800-829-1040

      Business:   1-800-829-4933

TTY/TDD   1-800-829-4059


**Currently we only have copies of Form 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ **

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