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Book Club Meets Science Cafe coming this Spring 2017

  Stowe Free Library is pleased to announce it has received a $3,500 National Science Foundation grant from the Califa Library Group to provide science-based programs for adults. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math) are popular topics for children's education, but rarely mentioned in relation to adults. The programs funded by the grant are essentially “book club meets science café.” Attendees read a pre-announced popular book selection, then to come to the library for an event in which they discuss the book, and then watch and discuss a short human interest video where scientific ideas

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Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes for February 3, 2017

Stowe Free Library Board of Trustees Meeting, February 3rd, 2017 Present: D. Witmer, ( Acting Chair), C. Maison Kastner, D. Bryan, D. Johannesen, K. Kaufman, C. Weber (Director) Absent: C. Lusk, B. Fox, R.Ziegel Call to Order: 8:00 am Minutes:  January Minutes stand as read. Treasurer’s Report: As of 1/31/17 there is $22,545 in the Operating Account.   The Development Fund has $17,695, including donations made in honor of Pete Smith.   The Endowment Fund is at $971,859. Friends’ Report: As reported by C. Weber.  “In Your Backyard” program continues to be a success.   Events are bringing between 25 & 60 people.   The Friends paid for a bookshelf

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