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Friends of Stowe Free Library Meeting Minutes

Friends of the Stowe Free Library Minutes of Board Meeting January 5, 2017 Present: Chair Ronna Ziegel, Vice Chair Lisa Grady, Caren Goodhue, Dee Reever, Cindy Weber, Carol Goodhue, Connie Carrino, Sally Nolan, Carol Stevens, Kelley Spear, Barbara Bauman, Louise Thompson, Mila Lonetto, Sylvia Pope, Donna Penndorf, Margot Hall, Phyllis Thibault The meeting was called to order at 3:30pm. The minutes of the September 9, 2016 meeting were accepted.  Phyllis Thibault motioned to approve the minutes and Donna Penndorf seconded.   Approval was unanimous. Carol Stevens, Treasurer, reported on the updated budget and actuals spend and earned to date.  Fundraising and membership dues are on target

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Board of Trustees Board Meeting Minutes December 2, 2016

Stowe Free Library Board of Trustees Meeting December 2, 2016 Present: C. Lusk, C. Weber (Director), D. Bryan, C. Maison Kastner, D. Witmer, D. Johannesen, K. Kaufman, R. Ziegel (Friends) Call to Order: 8:05 Minutes: November minutes stand as read. Treasurers Report: The Treasurer reported that there is $25,730 in the Operating account and $14,050 in the Development account. The usual quarterly payment to the town of $6,750 will be made this month from the Operating account. Reporting on researching how we might manage our Endowment funds differently, he said the Union Bank would charge a little less than 1% based on assets but

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In Our Own Backyard Series presents Charlie Nardozzi

The Friends of the Stowe Free Library Presents Garden Guru, Author, Radio and Television Host   Charlie Nardozzi   “Small Space and Container Gardening” Thursday,  February 2nd 7-8 pm Please join us for the annual visit of a perennial favorite, garden guru – Charlie Nardozzi!    Challenged by a small landscape space?  Growing a garden is easier than you may think!  Charlie’s tips and techniques will explore options such as vertical gardening, use of containers, raised beds and “lasagna” gardening.  Charlie Nardozzi is a nationally recognized garden writer, speaker and media personality who delights in making gardening information simple, easy, fun and accessible to everyone! This is a FREE talk with

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