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Friends of Stowe Free Library Meeting Minutes for Sept 8, 2016

FRIENDS OF STOWE FREE LIBARY Minutes of Board Meeting Sept 8,2016   In attendance: Ronna Ziegel.Cindy Weber, Peg Lackey, Donna Penndorf. Lisa Grady,Sally Nolan, Dee Reever. Connie Conino, Carol Stevens, Boonie Knight and Nancy Stead.   The meeting opened at 3:35 p.m.and the motion to approve the minutes June 9 was passed unanimuosly.Ronna nominated Peg Lackey as member at large, which was approved, and she was thanked for her awesome amount of work she has done over the years for the Friends. particular1y during book sales.   Budget: Carol Stevens announced the income from the book sale this year was an astounding  $20,355. Once the board recovered there

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Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for Sept 9, 2016

Stowe Free Library Board of Trustees Meeting September 9th, 2016   Present:  C. Weber (Director), C. Lusk, D. Bryan, D. Johannensen, D. Witmer, K. Kaufman, C. Maison Kastner, R. Zeigel (Friends)   Call to order: 8:00am Minutes: June Minutes stand as read. Town Meeting Discussion:  C. Lusk made motion to move Town Meeting discussion after Call to Order- Motion was approved. David Jaqua, Chair of the Stowe Town Meeting Task Force joined the meeting to discuss the decline in participation at the Annual Town Meeting.  Task Force members are meeting with local organizations for input as to why this has been occurring.  A survey has been created on

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